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We Provide OBM/ODM/OEM And JDM Service

We provide hardware and software solutions on lithium battery/automobile/medical/industrial and consumer products.

We provide custom made solutions on electronic control system.


汽车电子 ok
Automobile products

Our team have strong experience on car CCD/display control board/audio &video/wireless charging design and manufacturing.

医疗电子 ok
Medical products

Our team have strong experience on infrared image/Geriatric care/blood glucose meter/blood pressure meter/thrombometer design and manufacturing.

工业控制 ok
Consumer products

Our team have strong experience on lithium BMS/sweep robot/vacuum cleaner/coffee maker design and manufacturing.

Why Tritek?


Tritek invests at least 5% of its revenue into R&D each year. Built a high qualified R&D team of almost 50 engineers and obtained several patents, we possess some leading control solutions and key technologies of lithium battery/automobile/medical/power tools/home appliances and environment control appliances We have deeply study on products through cooperation among our specific product line divisions and various customers, including functional requirement, national standards and industrial standards, safety and certification, which improves the development quality and efficiency greatly.

Besides a central laboratory, Tritek also has some specialized laboratories based on different product lines. Our central lab can conduct electrical properties,, safety, reliability and environmental testing etc., Specialized laboratories can provide adjustment and verification services at the product development phase, to ensure products’ reliability.



Tritek IMT has build up flexible production lines to adapt to different customers’ requirements.

Our company are now executing lean production concept with advanced ERP and IMS production and quality management system. All the production order, materials and equipment information can be reviewed ,visualized and managed easily .

We now have 8 SMT lines and 8 assembly lines, all the products are complying ROHS and REACH standard.

Quality assurance

From the very beginning, Tritek was a customer-oriented company which constantly put efforts on improving product development quality, shortening product development cycle, and ensuring product delivery.

We have established an integrated testing and verifying Lab-system. At Tritek, multiple tests regarding to EMC, safety, reliability and environmental can be done along product development and manufacturing phases.


About Tritek

PCBA Production Line

Shenzhen Tritek Ltd was founded in Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRC in 2016.

Tritek is a PRC national high-tech company.  Tritek has passed 2015/ISO9001,ISO 13485 Quality Management System. We are now introducing IATF16949 quality management system. We have utilized 6 SIGEMA, FMEA and APQP etc international advanced management philosophy to our daily management.

Tritek now has a strong R&D, manufacturing, quality control and sales service expertise team. We have built up a completely technology and product system which can provide high level OBM,ODM and EMS service for automobile , medical , consumer and BMS products & customers.

The intelligent manufacturing division have more than 8,000sq meter production area. We have 100,000 class level SMT clean room. There are 8 SMT lines and 8 assembly lines.  SPI, AOI ,ICT and FCT are applied to all products. We have 3D printers and CNC machines which support our customers’ quick prototypes.


To provide  safe & high class intelligent manufacturing service


Talents drive innovation,intelligent manufacturing advances our life

Core value

Innovation, Quality, United Achievement, Customer’s Satisfaction

Company Honors

At the foundation of our company, we focused on portable lithium battery and intelligent manufacturing service  with continuous innovation and improvement.we now have owned  several patents. The company has been awarded as the PRC national high-tech company.


Shenzhen Tritek Limited


5F,6F, No.3 building, Huayilong Industrial Park, No.43 cuijing Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen 518118, China




+86- 135 1013 1760

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