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Creates dozens of solutions with i Series battery

Hall 8.0  N06

Battery Solution Show

E-bike Battery Solution

Combines:Speed,Power and Range

Multiple Battery Solution

Support 2-12 batteries in parallel discharge and charge

Battery charging Station

Battery charging Station

Swap in less than 5 seconds

About Us - Trusted by Top Automotive Enterprises

Tritek Europe headquarter and service centers established.

Since its establishment, Tritek battery has been committed to providing the most professional lev lithium battery solutions. We have worked closely with leading manufacturers of electric drive systems, electric bicycles, and electric motorcycles from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and the United States. The team has more than 15 years expertise of in design, R & D, and sales in the field of LEV batteries.  


R&D center

150+ Engineers

pack line

Semi-automatic pack assembly line

20,000+ Battery PACKs per day

automatic smt line+

Automatic SMT line

20,000+ PCBAs per day

Tritek Germany Branch

Better Service and Support

Tritek Europe headquarter and service centers established.

Lithium Battery Safety

Top cell brand


SAMSUNG / LG Chem: NCM 21700/18650; BYD/BAK/EVE: LFP 32140 / 32700 / 4680 / 46120

Sealing - IP67


IP67 Certified for Airtightness

Management of Thermal Rise


Severe ambiental test

Waterproof IP67 show

Battery IP67 waterproof demonstration will be conducted during the exhibition


Tritek’s quality system has been shaped by many years of experience and compliance with global certification standards for lev batteries, such as EN15194:2017, EN50604, UL2271, UN38.3, CE, FCC, CB, UL, etc.

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Our custom battery pack manufacturer solutions include high performance, optimized size, longer life cycles, great working conditions, and optimal cost. It gives our customers a unique competitive edge.

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Tritek aim to be the world leading supplier of the lev battery

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