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Your lev Battery Solution

Smart 36-72V custom lithium battery pack for e-bike, e-cargo bike, e-motorcycle, and e-scooter. TRITEK manufacturer turns your ideas into perfect battery products.

Inner tube Battery
Electric Road bike / Urban bike

Electric Mountain bike

E-bike battery / Portable power

Electric Motorcycle Battery

Electric Moped / Motorcycle


Our Latest Battery Model

TRITEK battery supplier is your one-stop partner for high-quality lithium batteries for electric bikes, cargo bikes, scooters, motorcycles, etc. We are dedicated to turning customers’ ideas into perfect products, from prototyping to mass production. Do you need your lev lithium batteries to be intelligent, high quality, and cost-effective? Let Tritek help to achieve your business success.

Trusted by Top Automotive Enterprises

Since its establishment, Tritek battery is committed to providing the most professional lev lithium battery solutions. We have worked closely with leading manufacturers of electric drive systems, electric bicycles, and electric motorcycles from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and the United States. The team has more than 12 years expertise of in design, R & D, and sales in the field of LEV batteries.   More >

R&D center


100+ Engineers
12+ years experience

Semi-automatic pack assembly line

semi automatic pack assembly line+

20,000+ Lev batteries per day

Automatic SMT line

automatic smt line+

50,000+ PCBA per day

Why is TRITEK your best choice?

Full Customer-orientation

We turn customers’ ideas into perfect battery products. We have established 5+ years of partnership with most of our customers, as customer value and satisfaction are always our first thoughts. 

Tritek has rich experience in CAN communication projects such as 2.0B CAN, CAN SAFE J1939, and customization of can protocol.

One Stop Solution

In 2021, twenty-three million RMB is invested in the hardware and software of the PCBA production line. Tritek can provide a full range of solutions for LEV lithium batteries and accessories, including the customized battery pack, motor controller, HMI, etc.

Strict Quality Control

Trusted by the top automotive enterprises, Tritek battery supplier follows the quality standard IATF16949 in the whole process of the lev lithium battery products.

Quick Response

Zero distance pre-sales and after-sales services to our customers all over the world.

pack line 1
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after sales services

Service and Support

smart bms

2 technical support centers in Europe and 1 in the USA in 2022 that can provide 0 km of after-sales services.


Service center

1 of 3

Service center

2 of 3
USA- Los Angeles

Service center

3 of 3

R&D & Production Video

Tritek has more than 12 years expertise of the design, R & D and sales in the field of LEV batteries.

R&D center

100+ Engineers

Battery structure design


Battery electronics design


Reliability test

ESD test

SMT line

50,000+ PCBA per day

Rear welding workshop

Post-welding process

Frequently Asked Questions

Tritek’s quality system has been shaped by many years of experience and compliance with global certification standards for lev batteries, such as EN15194:2017, UN38.3, CE, FCC, CB, UL, etc.

To develop a new battery, we will build a group formed with project manager, hardware and software engineers, test engineers, quality engineers, project buyer, etc. It takes 3-10 months to finish the development of a new battery, according to the customer’s requirements.

Tritek provides the most competitive customized battery solution for your needs. Our benefits:

1. Smart BMS app for our customers.

2. Rich experience in CAN communication projects.

3. Strict quality control.

4. All the necessary certifications.

5. International after-sales battery agents.

Working with the world-leading companies for intelligent lev and electric drive systems.


We reply within 24 hours

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Tritek is your ODM partner for lev battery, and we pay close attention to your requirements.

Tritek aim to be the world leading supplier of the lev battery

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