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Tritek is a lev battery manufacturer providing full-range solutions for lithium-ion batteries and accessories.

Since its establishment, Tritek battery is committed to providing the most professional lev battery solutions. We have worked closely with leading manufacturers of electric drive systems, electric bicycles, and electric motorcycles from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and the United States. The team has more than 12 years expertise of in design, R & D, and sales in the field of LEV batteries.

At present, Tritek can provide a full range of solutions for LEV lithium batteries and accessories, including the customized battery pack, OEM for motor drive, controller, central control system, etc. At the same time, Tritek has a complete supply chain for the critical e-bike parts, such as HMI, cables, etc.

In 2021,  twenty-three million RMB is invested in the hardware and software of the PCBA production line. Our fully automated SMT line has a daily output of 9 million points and 50,000 units. And our semi-automatic pack assembly line has a daily output of 20,000 battery packs.

With the introduction of the MES system, the whole production has realized precise information processing.

Tritek battery is always committed to optimizing customer service while improving its production strength. Tritek has a technical service center in Spain and plans to set up technical service centers in Germany and United States in 2023. Looking forward to providing zero distance pre-sales and after-sales services to customers all over the world.


Talents drive innovation & new energy advances our life


To provide safe & high class intelligent manufacturing service

Core value

Innovation, Quality, United Achievement, Customer’s Satisfaction

Our Story

Year 2008

The LEV battery division was established in the group company

Year 2009

The first production line for the LEV pack was established.

Year 2010

The power pack branch was established to focus on the intelligent lithium battery packs for the new industry including LEV, Drone, Robot, etc. 

Year 2013-2015

3 semi-automatic assembly lines were established for the large-scale production of LEV packs. The monthly capacity is more than 3,000,000 units.

Year 2016

Shenzhen Tritek Limited was established to focus on the overseas market.  

Year 2016-2019

Tritek works closely with the leading manufacturers of drive systems, e-bikes, and e-scooters, from the Netherland, Germany, Spain, etc. We are proud that we are also the battery partner approved by the giant automotive companies in the world.

Year 2020

We are launching IATF16949 in the quality control of the lev battery.

Year 2022

We have opened a technical support center in Spain that can provide 0 km of after-sales services. Tritek invests 50m RMB in the construction of a new factory (Anhui branch).

Our Team


R&D director

Quality director

Bluen has over 10 years of experience in a large published company, response for the management of the power-lithium battery pack project and production. He is familiar with the battery market and R&D direction, Also his rich experience in automatic production lines and intelligent manufacturing.

Gerry has been engaged in the Lithium battery industry for product and technology research and development for more than 20 years. He has worked as technical director of two large published companies. He has experience in battery packs for electric vehicles, small and medium power lithium battery packs, energy storage systems, etc.

Juan has been the quality director of BYD Automotive Research Institute for many years, familiar with TS16949, VDA6.3 quality system audit, familiar with APQP, FEMA, PPAP (OTS), and other quality tools.

Factory Tour

TRITEK factories are located in Guangdong, China. With more than 12 years of experience in the LEV battery industry, we design and produce the complete intelligent lithium battery pack for electric mobility, including the smart BMS and battery, with the world-leading facilities, automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines.

In 2016, the group established the 1st automatic assembly line for the LEV batteries, to meet the increasing market demand and high-level customer needs.

In our facilities including 4 automatic lines, we produce various battery packs including electric bike batteries, electric scooter batteries, electric wheelchair batteries, etc with the range from 12V to 72V and 5Ah to 100Ah.

In Tritek facilities there are:

  • 4 SMT Production lines
  • SPI inspection
  • 100%AOI
  • X-RAY Inspect 100 thousand dust-free workshops

The production yield is more than 4,000,000 units per year.


Customized e-bike battery

Shenzhen Tritek Limited is the most professional lev battery manufacturer in China. Working with the world-leading companies for intelligent lev and electric drive systems.

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Tritek is your ODM partner for lev battery, and we pay close attention to your requirements.

Tritek aim to be the world leading supplier of the lev battery

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