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1. Customer idea (3-7 days)

2. Design output (7-14 days)

3.Sampling (30 days)

4.Pre-series (20 days)

5. Mass production (35 days)

  • Product design 
  • Project planning
5 Factors to Consider When Customizing E-bike Batteries
  • Design failure mode and effect analysis
  • Costing
reliability validation
  • Function validation
  • Reliability validation
  • Certificate validation
certificate 1
  • Pre-series review 
  • Material approval
  • Golden sample approval
  • Certificate, SOP
  • Six Sigma
  • Total quality management
  • Customer service

Enhance Your E-Bike Venture with Tritek: Unmatched Battery Innovation

Choose Tritek, the industry leader in custom electric bike battery solutions.
With 15+ years of experience and a dedicated team of 100+ skilled R&D personnel, we cater to your business needs.
Our robust production capacity of 20,000+ battery packs daily ensures efficient delivery.
Experience the Tritek difference and elevate your ebike business today!

Unleash the Power: Tritek's Unmatched Ebike Battery Quality

At Tritek, we set the standard for unwavering quality assurance in custom battery packs. You deserve reliable and safe power solutions for your electric bikes.
Our commitment to meeting international standards ensures rigorous testing and meticulous quality controls.
Partner with Tritek and experience the difference of unparalleled quality assurance, exclusively for you.

Custom E-Bike Battery Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Are you a purchase manager or engineer looking for the perfect custom electric mobility battery solution?

Look no further!

Tritek offers a wide range of customizable electric bike battery packs to suit your specific requirements. 

Whether you need batteries for electric bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycle, cargo bike, or other electric mobility devices, we have you covered.

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Why Choose Tritek for Your Custom Electric Bike Battery Needs?

unmatched expertise

Unmatched Expertise

Top-notch cell performance

on site visits

Comprehensive EOLT (End of Line Test)

Premium Quality

e bike battery oem manufacturer in china

Large Production Capacity

Global Reach

after sales services

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Experience the Tritek Advantage


We understand that every business has unique needs. Our team works closely with you to develop tailored electric bike battery solutions that align perfectly with your requirements.

Performance and Efficiency

Our battery packs are designed for optimal performance and efficiency, providing a longer range and reduced charging times for your electric vehicles.


Tritek's custom electric bike battery solutions offer a competitive edge by providing high-quality products at affordable prices, enhancing your overall profitability.

Collaborative Support

Our customer-centric approach means that we value your input and feedback throughout the development process, ensuring a collaborative partnership.

What Types of Battery Cells can You Choose?

Lithium-ion Battery (NCM / NCA):
Lightweight and compact, lithium-ion batteries offer consistent and reliable power output for longer rides. They have a relatively long lifespan but can be more expensive and require careful handling to ensure safety.

LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Battery:
LFP batteries prioritize safety with a reduced risk of fire and longer cycle life. They are environmentally friendly and perform well in extreme temperatures, though slightly lower energy density may result in a slightly heavier e-bike or shorter range.

What Types of Battery Packs can You Choose?

You have several options when choosing a custom ebike battery, each designed to fit different needs and bike designs
inner tube battery

Inner tube battery - Compact Powerhouse

In need of a powerful, yet unobtrusive battery for your ebike? The inner tube battery fits the bill. Concealed within your bike's structure, it offers generous power while maintaining your ride's sleek aesthetics.

intube battery

Intube battery  - Unified Energy Solution

Merge power into your ebike effortlessly with our Integrated Battery. Crafted to suit various frame designs, it enables inconspicuous installation and contributes to a streamlined appearance.

down tube battery

Down tube battery - Flexible and User-friendly

For ebikes with a more upright seating arrangement, the downtube battery delivers adaptable power. Simple to install and remove, it ensures readily available and dependable energy.

range extender

Range extender battery - Extend Your Adventure

The range extender battery is a versatile option compatible with most bike frames. It serves as a portable charger and an additional battery, allowing you to extend your ebike's range. With dual battery connections and IP67 sealing, it offers increased flexibility and protection.

Check Tritek's Testimonial

Thanks to Tritek bring our product idea came to life! Their dedication and expertise in turning our vision into reality were commendable. Their team's professionalism and excellent customer service made the collaboration seamless. Our product has received overwhelming praise from customers, and we look forward to future projects together.
project manager
Adam Sendler
Project Manager
Tritek proved to be the perfect partner for us. Their experience in R&D, design, manufacturing, and quality control was evident throughout. Their responsive sales and customer service teams made the collaboration hassle-free. We highly recommend their services and value our successful partnership.
purchase manager
Mike Stuart
Purchase Manager

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FAQ Guide

Our battery pack incorporate a Smart BMS (Battery Management System), which protects against short-circuiting, over-current, over-charge, and over-discharge.
Customized protections can also be installed upon request.

From idea to mass production, the lead time is approximately 95-106 days for delivery.

Our products have passed various international certifications, such as EN15194, CE, FCC, Rohs, Reach, and more.

We have established an after-sales center in Spain and plan to set up centers in Germany and the United States.
We are customer-oriented and dedicated to providing support and assistance.

Yes, Tritek specializes in providing customized e-bike battery packs to suit specific business applications.
Our team works closely with businesses to understand your requirements and develop tailored battery solutions that align perfectly with your electric bike models.

Elevate your business with our top-quality custom electric bike batteries!



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