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En 60335-1 certification

EN 60335-1 certification is essential for any business trading lithium battery household products in the European Union. Before purchasing or importing any products, always check that the supplier can provide EN 60335-1.

IEC 60335-1
EN 60335-1 certification
IEC 60335-1

EN 60335-1 for electrical appliances

This refers to the European Norm for the safety of households and similar electrical appliances that use lithium batteries. EN 60335-1 is a wide-ranging standard that covers the majority of household appliances. It includes requirements for mechanical, thermal, fire, and electrical safety.

Appliances that comply with EN 60335 will have a CE mark on them. The CE mark is your guarantee that the appliance complies with all relevant European Directives.

EN 60335-1 is a mandatory requirement for any products which use lithium battery-operated appliances and is placed on the EU market.

This standard applies to appliances that are not meant for general household usage yet might be a risk to the public, such as shop equipment, light industry equipment, medical devices, and farm equipment.

E-bikes, Catering equipment, cleaning appliances for commercial use, and hairdresser’s appliances are just a few examples of such appliances.

En 60335-1

Differences between IEC 60335 1 and EN 60335-1

As opposed to IEC 60335 1, EN 60335-1 is a harmonized standard, meaning that it has been adopted by all EU member states. This makes it the standard to be applied when placing products in the EU market.

IEC 60335 1 is developed and maintained by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and is, therefore, a global standard. However, EN 60335-1 is developed and maintained by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).

IEC 60335 1 is based on the principle of voluntary compliance, while EN 60335 1 is mandatory for products placed on the market in the EU.

The IEC 60335 1 standard is divided into several parts, each dealing with a specific type of appliance. EN 60335-1, on the other hand, is a single standard that covers the safety of all supplied appliances and similar electrical single-phase appliances.

Common tests required for EN 60335 1

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Mechanical tests

A mechanical test is achieved by applying forces to the product in different ways, such as by pushing, pulling, or lifting it. It can also include a drop test.

Thermal protection tests

A thermal test involves measuring the product’s temperature under different conditions, such as when it is turned on and off, and when it is used in different ways.

Fire tests

A fire test involves exposing the product to a flame and measuring the time it takes for the product to catch fire.

Electrical tests

An electrical safety test involves measuring the product’s insulation, dielectric strength, and earth leakage current.

Other tests that may be required

In addition to the above tests, there are other tests that may be required depending on the type of product being certified. For example, there may be corrosion, vibration, and noise tests.

Requirements for EN 60335-1

In order for a manufacturer to qualify for EN 60335-1, they must meet the following requirements:

The product must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard and must be tested by an accredited testing laboratory.

The test report must be submitted to the certification body.

EN 60335-1 is valid for one year from the date of issue. After this time, the manufacturer must reapply for certification.

The manufacturer must have a quality management system in place.

This standard is constantly being updated, so the manufacturer must keep their product up to date with the latest version of the standard.

EN 60335-1 standard is mandatory for any product which uses lithium batteries and is placed on the market in the European Union. It shows that the product has been independently tested and proven to be safe. As a trader, it is good to ensure that your products are certified to give your business a competitive edge.

Once a manufacturer meets all the EN 60335-1 certification requirements, they can apply for certification. This process will only take about 4 to 5 weeks and the products will have been certified and fit for use.

All Tritek batteries and chargers are fully compliant and can pass EN 60335-1 certification. This is your guarantee of safety when using our products.

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