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CE-LVD Certification

The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) is a European Union directive that aims to guarantee that electrical products on the market fulfill high safety standards while allowing for the free movement of goods and services across EU countries. CE-LVD-compliant chargers must go through a rigorous testing and certification process to ensure that they meet all safety requirements.


CE-LVD-compliant chargers are some of the safest and most reliable on the market and are an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality charger.

When purchasing a CE-LVD-compliant charger, be sure to check that it is certified by a reputable organization such as TUV, UL, or CE. Also, make sure that the charger has the CE marking on it, which indicates that it meets all of the health and safety risks requirements of the directive.

ce-lvd certification

The Low Voltage Directive Guide for Electrical Equipment Battery Chargers

The CE-LVD Guide has been updated to clarify some issues. The following is a list of items that have been clarified:

1. The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) covers health risks for all kinds of electrical equipment supplied for the European Union, whether by way of distance selling or electronic means.

2. The legal text makes it clear that the LVD applies to all electrical equipment designed for usage between 50 and 1000 volts AC or 75 and 1500 volts DC. The new LVD Guide specifies that the rating is for the voltage of the equipment’s electrical input or output, not for voltages that may exist within the device.

3. Unless the battery is capable of providing a power supply ranging from 75 to 1500 V DC, battery-operated electrical equipment is not covered by CE-LVD.

However, according to the new LVD Guide, ” … any accompanying battery charger, as well as equipment with integrated power supply unit within the certain voltage limits of the LVD, are within the scope of the LVD. “

This is an excellent example; if you have a laptop that comes with a built-in power supply and its voltage rating applies, it will be within the scope of the Directive. USB chargers are excluded; mains chargers are not.

4. There is no need to affix the CE marking on a power cable set if it has not been placed on the EU market as an individual item but rather as part of a larger product. However, this only applies when the cord set is used with the primary equipment that it comes with.

A cord set that has been placed on the EU market as a spare part or as a stand-alone item for use with various electrical goods must have the CE mark logo.

It should also be mentioned that the manufacturer (or authorized representative) is responsible for proving that both items offered in the EU member country(i.e., equipment and associated cord set) fulfill all relevant requirements of the CE-LVD Guide.

It applies to a wide range of electrical equipment for both consumer and professional usage, such as

  1. household appliances
  2. cables
  3. power supply units
  4. laser equipment
  5. certain components, e.g. fuses
ce-lvd certification

The CE-LVD Certification Process for Chargers

The manufacturer is required to provide 12 sample pieces of the charger and two sample pieces of battery for testing. The samples are subjected to a series of tests to ensure that they meet all of the safety requirements of the CE-LVD Directive.

These tests include electrical safety tests, mechanical safety tests, and environmental tests according to the EMC directive. In detailed:


  • Leakage Current Tests
  • Earth Line Continuity Tests
  • Protection tests against access to live parts
  • Warming Tests
  • Electrical Resistance Tests
  • Moisture Resistance Tests
  • Unusual operating tests
  • Structural tests
  • Discharge Tests
  • Tensile Tests
  • Grounding Tests
  • Insulation Tests
  • Ball pressure tests
  • Glow wire tests
  • Surface Leakage Protection Tests
  • High Voltage Tests
  • Combustion Test
  • Physical Strength Tests
  • Water and IP dust tests

The whole process only takes 5 weeks. CE-LVD certification is a mandatory process for all manufacturers of chargers that are placed on the market in the European Union.

The Tritek CE-LVD-certified Lithium Batteries

Tritek has consistently been involved in the manufacturing of CE-LVD-certified products. We are proud to continue observing CE-LVD standards with all of our new products.

This allows our consumers to be confident that they are receiving a product that has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and that is safe to use. We encourage all consumers of Tritek batteries to only purchase certified products.

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