Custom 72V Lithium Battery Solutions

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At Tritek, we specialize in 72V lithium batteries for motorcycle and other applications. With over 15 years of experience and a team of 100+ engineers, you get:

  • Custom Solutions: Tailored OEM/ODM production to meet your unique needs.
  • On-Time Delivery Assurance: Two sites, producing 20,000+ packs daily for timely delivery.
  • Certified Quality: UL2271, CE, UL, EN 15194:2017, etc. certifications.
  • Local Support: Local technical support centers in Spain and Germany
  • Enhanced Power and Range: Unlock optimal performance.

Choose Tritek for quality, reliability, and a future of limitless 72V lithium battery potential.

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Choose 72V Lithium Batteries for Any Application

Universal 72V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Looking for a Custom 72V Lithium Battery Solution that Perfectly Fits Your Unique Requirements?

Lithium-ion battery packs for e-motorcycles, 4-wheelers,  industrial, and other high-energy applications. ODM/OEM

How to Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

1. Customer idea (3-7 days)

2. Design output (7-14 days)

3.Sampling (30 days)

4.Pre-series (20 days)

5. Mass production (35 days)

  • Product design 
  • Project planning
5 Factors to Consider When Customizing E-bike Batteries
  • Design failure mode and effect analysis
  • Costing
reliability validation
  • Function validation
  • Reliability validation
  • Certificate validation
certificate 1
  • Pre-series review 
  • Material approval
  • Golden sample approval
  • Certificate, SOP
  • Six Sigma
  • Total quality management
  • Customer service

Want to know the optimal solution for Your project?

Strict Quality Control for 72V Lithium Batteries

Our 72V lithium-ion batteries undergo a stringent quality control process to guarantee exceptional performance and safety:

  • Premium Materials: We use top-tier lithium-ion cells and carefully vet our supply chain.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Automatic and semi-automatic facilities and skilled staff ensure precise assembly.
  • Thorough Testing: Extensive testing at all stages ensures consistency and compliance with safety standards.
  • Quality Standards: We adhere to IATF16949, ISO and industry standards, emphasizing sustainability and compliance.

All You Need to Know About 72V Lithium Batteries

As a premier lithium-ion battery manufacturer, our focus on safety, performance, quality, and innovation sets us apart.

Our 72V batteries embody the latest trends, offering features such as swappability, multi-battery connectivity, regenerative braking, IoT integration, and smart BMS.

With extensive experience in customization while adhering to automotive quality standards like IATF 16949, we provide tailored solutions while maintaining transparency and openness.

Our core values – Innovation, Quality, United Achievement, and Customer Satisfaction – drive everything we do, making us your trusted partner in powering an innovative and sustainable future.

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Types of 72V Lithium-Ion Battery Cells



LiFePO4 72V batteries excel in scenarios prioritizing safety, high power output, extended cycle longevity, and rapid recharging.

However, they may not be optimal for applications that prioritize a compact design due to their heavier weight, larger dimensions, and comparatively lower energy density.



NCM 72V batteries are developed for high power output applications that require ultra compact designs with small sizes.

However, they may be more expensive and have a smaller cycle life.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing 72V Lithium Batteries

When choosing a battery manufacturer for your business needs, consider these five crucial factors:

  • Application Compatibility: Ensure the battery suits your specific application and voltage requirements.
  • Quality and Reliability: Look for a manufacturer with a proven track record of producing reliable and high-quality batteries.
  • Customization Options: Assess the manufacturer’s ability to tailor batteries to your unique specifications.
  • Certifications and Compliance: Verify that the batteries meet industry standards and safety certifications.
  • Support and Service: Evaluate the manufacturer’s customer support, warranty, and technical assistance capabilities to ensure a smooth partnership.
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How to Conduct 100% Traceability Lithium Battery Production?

manufacturing execution system

The product defect rate tends to rise as production volume increases, leading to the unnecessary expenditure of time and resources. Our extensive expertise in comprehensive product inspections equips us to effectively address any design issues that may arise during the mass production of e-bike batteries.

Our comprehensive inspection process includes 100% scrutiny through SPI, AOI, and X-RAY inspections, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

Furthermore, we have a proven track record, having successfully manufactured 150,000 units of a specific battery product for a single customer annually.

Partnership with TUV SUD, SGS, UL for Certififcation

FAQ Guide

A: Our batteries incorporate a Smart BMS (Battery Management System), which protects against short-circuiting, over-current, over-charge, and over-discharge. Customized protections can also be installed upon request.


Yes, we offer customization options for 72V lithium batteries. You can request tailored solutions to match your voltage, capacity, and form factor requirements. Our team also provides integration support and prototyping services.

If in the mass production stage, the lead time is approximately 35-50 days for delivery.

Please contact us, and we will provide you with the necessary technical specifications and datasheets.

Our products have passed various international certifications, such as EN15194, UL2271, CE, FCC, Rohs, Reach, and more.

We have established an after-sales center in Spain and plan to set up centers in Germany and the United States. We are customer-oriented and dedicated to providing support and assistance.

Our batteries are equipped with an intelligent BMS and support various communication protocols such as CAN, RS485, UART. 

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