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Automotive Quality Management Systems

Quality Assurance at Every Step:
Our focus on quality permeates every aspect of our manufacturing process, guaranteeing reliable and consistent products.

Reducing Business Risks:
Our certifications minimize risks for your business, assuring you of products that meet or exceed industry standards.

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Lithium Battery Cell Selection

Premium Brands: Choose from top brands like SAMSUNG, LG, BYD, EVE, and BAK for reliable and high-quality NCM and LFP battery cells.

Enhanced Safety: Ensure the safety with our trusted and secure battery cell selection, mitigating potential risks and ensuring seamless operations.

Long-lasting Performance: Enjoy extended battery life and consistent performance, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

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Reliability Tests

Diverse Battery Cell Tests:
Our battery cells undergo rigorous 55°C short circuit, forced discharge, crush, impact, drop, overcharge (10V/3C), temperature shock, acceleration impact, and projectile tests.
These tests ensure our cells endure extreme conditions, providing you with resilient and safe battery solutions.

Endurance and Safety Assured:
These varied tests guarantee durability, safety, and resilience, mitigating risks and ensuring top-notch performance in challenging situations.

Reliable Performance Guaranteed:
Each test evaluates different performance aspects, meeting stringent quality standards and delivering reliable and secure battery cells.

Peace of Mind Through Testing:
Our thorough tests provide assurance, ensuring consistent, safe, and reliable battery cell operation in diverse scenarios.

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Battery BMS Safety

Advanced Technology: Benefit from our state-of-the-art Intelligent Control Technology (ICT) in our Battery Management System (BMS), ensuring over 90% test coverage for accurate and reliable monitoring of your battery performance.

Dual Protection: Enjoy enhanced safety measures with our dual-layer protection system, combining robust hardware and firmware for a comprehensive safeguard against potential risks and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Precise SOC Management: Rely on our BMS’s precise State of Charge (SOC) management, providing accurate insights into your battery’s remaining capacity, empowering you to plan your operations efficiently and avoid unexpected power disruptions.

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Pack Safety- Reliability Test

Comprehensive Safety Tests:
Our packs undergo rigorous short circuit, high temperature, ESD, IP67 water-proof, and consistent temperature/humidity tests for safety and durability.

Meeting Strict Standards:
Our packs adhere to stringent safety criteria, minimizing risks across various conditions.

Reliable Performance Assurance:
These tests ensure consistent, reliable performance in diverse scenarios.

Uninterrupted Operations Assurance:
Through thorough testing, we ensure continuous operations, minimizing concerns about pack failures or hazards.

In-house Testing

Complete In-House Testing:
Our dedicated lab conducts rigorous tests—charge-discharge, temperature extremes, and functionality—to ensure product safety and performance.
This thorough testing assures you of reliable, high-quality batteries that meet stringent standards.

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Certifications and Accreditations

ISO9001 Certified (2019):
You benefit from our long-standing commitment to quality with ISO9001 certification since 2019.

IATF16949 Implementation (2023):
We’ve introduced the IATF16949 quality system in 2023, ensuring our products meet rigorous automotive industry standards.

Future Certification (2024):
By 2024, we’ll be IATF16949 certified, showcasing our ongoing dedication to delivering high-quality products.


How do your safety standards comply with regulatory requirements in different regions?

Our safety standards align with and often surpass regulatory requirements in different regions worldwide. By obtaining certifications such as CE, FCC, UL2271, IEC62133, and EN15194, we ensure our products meet or exceed international safety standards.

What safety measures do you take in your battery packs?

Our battery packs undergo a comprehensive range of safety tests, including short circuit, high temperature, ESD, IP67 water-proof, and consistent temperature/humidity evaluations. These stringent tests ensure the safety and durability of our battery packs across various conditions.

Are your battery safety practices adaptable to different industries or applications?

Yes, our safety protocols are versatile and adaptable to various industries and applications. Whether for e-bikes, e-motorcycles, or e-cargo bikes, our safety standards remain consistent, ensuring reliable performance across diverse uses.

Can I trust the performance of your battery solutions in extreme conditions?

Yes, our batteries undergo rigorous testing in extreme conditions, including high and low temperatures, impact, water resistance, and more. These tests guarantee reliability and safety in diverse scenarios.

What sets your battery cell selection apart from others?

We prioritize using high-quality NCM and LFP battery cells sourced from globally renowned brands like SAMSUNG, LG, BYD, EVE, and BAK. This careful selection ensures reliability, safety, and longevity in our battery products.

How do your battery management systems (BMS) ensure safety?

Our BMS employs Intelligent Control Technology (ICT) with over 90% test coverage, ensuring accurate monitoring. Additionally, our dual-layer protection system—hardware and firmware—ensures enhanced safety measures.

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