Seamless Energy Storage Solutions for Growth and Productivity

Next Level Energy Storage Technology

Crafting Efficiency, Powering Innovation with Tritek

  • Custom OEM/ODM: By 100+ engineers.
  • Efficient Production: 20,000+ packs/day, in-house BMS at 20,000+ PCBAs/day.
  • Responsive Support: Centers in Spain and Germany, expanding to the US.
  • Global Compliance & Safety: CE, FCC, UL2271, EN15194 certified.
  • Advanced BMS Technology: Custom BMS with integrated Smart App.

Empowering Diverse Energy Solutions

Portable energy storage battery, 300 – 1500 Wh

AC-DC、DC-AC、DC-DC、 communication power

Power grid management system, on-off grid power supply system

Portable Energy Storage Battery

On-the-go power solution, compact and efficient for all your mobile energy needs.

Support quick charge

300 – 1500 Wh

  • DC12 Output: 2*12VDC  (12V/5A,5521port)
  • QC3.0/USB Output: 2*QC3.0: 5V/3A or 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A
  • Music mode: USB disk music, Bluetooth music, radio (FM/AM)
  • Certification: UN38.3, CE,MSDS

Energy Storage – UPS, ESS

Uninterruptible Power Supply and Energy Storage Systems for seamless and reliable energy backup.

Modular Design

Support Parallel use

UPS Hom-SA300

UPS Hom-SA300

Integrated Energy Storage System  Hom-ESS520

Integrated Energy Storage System  Hom-ESS520

Parallel Home Energy Storage System Hom-ESS1020

Parallel Home Energy Storage System Hom-ESS1020

Custom lithium battery

Custom Battery

100-day Promise!

Get Your Custom Batteries in a Blink, Pledge for Safety and Quality

1. Customer idea (3-7 days)
  • Product design 
  • Project planning
2. Design output (7-14 days)
  • Design failure mode and effect analysis
  • Costing
3.Sampling (30 days)
reliability validation
  • Function validation
  • Reliability validation
  • Certificate validation
4.Pre-series (20 days)
  • Pre-series review 
  • Material approval
  • Golden sample approval
  • Certificate, SOP
5. Mass production (35 days)
  • Six Sigma
  • Total quality management
  • Customer service

Seeking a reliable OEM/ODM partner for expert assembly of battery packs to your precise specifications?

Illustrative Use Cases

Energy Storage – Off-grid Home System

  • Project Add: Sweden, Europe
  • 4 * 48V50Ah series +PCS
  • Forms of application: Household industrial energy storage
  • Can be an utility bi-directional inverter
  • Support gapless power supply

Energy Storage - Solar System

  • Project Add: Haichuang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
  • Steel structure color steel tiled roof
  • Installed capacity:12.2MW
  • Subassembly: High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon   components
  • Forms of application: Self-use of industry and commerce, the surplus electricity on-grid
  • Annual energy output:14millionKWh

Energy Storage – Charge station,Communication Base

● Project Add: Baoan Shenzhen airport
● Installed capacity:1.2MW
● Forms of application: AC-DC electric vehicle
charging station

5-Star Formula

Energy storage corepack

Enhanced Safety Assurance: stable supply chain, strict quality control for production.

Long-lasting Performance: Battery cells with ultra-long cycles, well-known brands, and rigorous testing.

All-Weather Reliability: Reliable operation from -20°C to 50°C.

Easy Scalability: Modular design for easy expansion.

Cost-Efficiency and Choice: Cost-effective options with various technologies.

What Lithium-Ion Cells Are Suitable for Your Project?



LiFePO4 batteries excel in scenarios prioritizing safety, high power output, extended cycle longevity, and rapid recharging.

However, they may not be optimal for applications that prioritize a compact design due to their heavier weight, larger dimensions, and comparatively lower energy density.



NCM batteries are developed for high power output applications that require ultra compact designs with small sizes.

However, they may be more expensive and have a smaller cycle life.

Strict Quality Control and Global Compliance for Energy Storage

Our energy storage batteries undergo a stringent quality control process to guarantee exceptional performance and safety:

  • Premium Materials: We use top-tier lithium-ion cells and carefully vet our supply chain.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Automatic and semi-automatic facilities and skilled staff ensure precise assembly.
  • Thorough Testing: Extensive testing at all stages ensures consistency and compliance with safety standards.
  • Quality Standards: We adhere to IATF16949, ISO and industry standards, emphasizing sustainability and compliance.
  • Global Certification:  Standards for energy storage, such as EN15194, UN38.3, CE, FCC, CB, UL, etc.


What is the lead time for manufacturing and delivery of energy storage batteries?

In the mass production stage, the lead time is approximately 35-50 days for delivery.

What is the MOQ of energy storage?

The minimum order quantity is 200PCS.

Can I get a customized energy storage for my specific project?

Yes, we offer customization options for energy storage. You can request tailored solutions to match your voltage, capacity, size, and other requirements. Our team also provides integration support and prototyping services.

What after-sales support do you offer?

We have established an after-sales center in Spain and Germanyplan to set up centers in the United States.

We are customer-oriented and dedicated to providing support and assistance.

Can you provide technical specifications and datasheets for energy storage?

Yes! Please contact us, and we will provide you with all the information you are interested in.

What is your production capacity for energy storage?

We can produce 20,000 batteries per day. 

Energy Storage: Powering Your Business Through Every Demand



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