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Tailored Solutions: Tritek's Superior Portable Power Stations for Every Need

portable power station

Tritek’s Portable Power Stations redefine reliability, safety, and convenience.
Offering ultra-fast charging, ultra-long battery life, and capacities from 76.9 to 346.3 watt hours, these ergonomic, lightweight stations feature V-0 Fire Retardant Housing, an intelligent BMS with 8 protection layers, and advanced temperature sensors.
Tailored for emergency power backup, outdoor work, RV travel, and more, support solar, car, and wall outlet charging, ensuring unmatched adaptability for diverse senarios.

family emergency power supply
Home emergency power supply - Sudden power outage

DC emergency power supply +FM/AM radio combination mode, safe and reliable, the elderly and children can rest assured to use, truly prepared.

booth comprehensive solution
Booth comprehensive solution - Booth/shop lighting and voice

Booth lighting, mobile device charging, promotional advertising audio, Bluetooth payment tips, and other applications in a single device, easy and convenient, let stall more elegant!

small square dance speaker
Small square dance speaker - USB disk music + Bluetooth speaker

Compact and flexible, easy to carry, no need to plug in, with U disk music and Bluetooth speaker, dance with partners anytime and anywhere, dance out of joy!

outdoor camping live broadcasting
Outdoor camping trip/live broadcasting - Happy travel/efficient live broadcast

Support solar/car charging/adapter three charging modes, so that outdoor live mobile phones, video recording cloud, lighting, and other multiple devices have uninterrupted power supply.

How Far Can Our Station Power Devices? | Empowering Users Every Move


iPhone -

About 27 times


Macbook - 49.9Wh

About 6 times


Switch -

About 20 times


Camera -

About 42 times


Fan -
40 watt

About 8 hours


Speaker -
10 watt

About 33 hours

usb dc light

USB / DC light - 10 watt

About 33 hours


TV -
110 watt

About 3 hours

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Step Into the Detail of Tritek's Portable Power Supply

portable power station (2)

V-0 fire retardant housing

portable power station (3)

Bluetooth 5.0 chip, effective from 15 meters

portable power station (4)

LCD display, clear at a glance

portable power station (6)

Balance handle

portable power station (5)

Shortcut keys for easier use

HOM-SD1001 HOM-SD1002 Custom HOM-SD1003 Remark
Battery capacity
76.9 watt hours (5200mAh/14.8V)
192.4 watt hours (13000mAh/14.8V)
307.8 watt hours (20800mAh/14.8V)
346.3 watt hours (23400mAh/14.8V)
Battery type
Lithium-ion battery
Cycle life
DC12V Output
2 * 12VDC/5A
DC5521 port
USB-A Output
2 * USB-A/QC3.0:5V/3A or 9V/2A or 12V/2A
Recognize charging protocol and support fast charging
Charging time: Charge in 12-24V Adapter / PV(solar panels optional) / Car charger
Adapter:19V,2A PV:18V,70W max Car charger:12V,3A
Play mode
Input and output protection
Charging and discharging at the same time
Auto sleep
No load, more than half an hour, into the power off, restart to wake up.
LCD display
SOC, state, etc
Ambient temperature
Storage conditions
Temperature:-20~35℃;Relative humidity:0~45%RH;
CE, UN38.3, MSDS, RoHS
Net weight
About 2.1kg
About 2.7kg
About 3.3kg
About 3.5kg
Machine size
Product packaging
Optional UN carton

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What Makes Tritek Stand Out Among Other Portable Power Stations?

Support car charging

On-the-go convenience amplified - charge your power station effortlessly from your vehicle, ensuring continuous power availability during travels and outdoor adventures.

Support charge and discharge at same time

Capable of simultaneous charging and discharging, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even while utilizing the stored energy.

Support solar charging with solar panels

Harness the power of the sun by effortlessly charging the portable power station through solar energy, perfect for sustainable and off-grid power solutions.

BMS 8 safety protection

High-temperature protection, low-temperature protection, over-charge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, battery false protection.

Suitable for any scenarios

Home backup, live broadcasting, RV traveling, light backup, outdoor work needs, camping, etc.

Ultra-long life, 800 times cycle life, SOH ≥80% after 800 cycles

All storage batteries weaken the battery storage capacity due to the number of times the battery is used, ours weaken less compared to the competition.

Low frequency pulse technology

The sound reaches 100dB. Built-in DSP audio decoding chip, combined with low frequency pulse technology,the treble is transparent, the midrange is sweet, and the bass is sinking and powerful.

Six interface

Versatility meets convenience with six interfaces, accommodating various devices simultaneously for seamless connectivity and charging.

Bluetooth speaker

Empowered by a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, offering an effective range of up to 15 meters, ensuring seamless and reliable connectivity for immersive audio experiences.

Get Superior Safety & Global Compliance

  • 0 fire accidents: We have delivered more than 500 000 lithium battery packs and have 0 fire and explosions.
  • Smart app: Enjoy firmware updating, history & error table, pack & cell detecting, and customized settings with our free app.
  • In-house BMS: We design and produce bms in-house.
  • Quality cells: We established long-term partnerships with well-known lithium cell suppliers such as Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sony, BYD, CATL, EVE, etc.
  • Global certifications: Based on your need and project timeline, we can redesign a lithium battery  pack based on the needed certification, and use scenarios.

Achieve Success with Tritek's Pioneering Achievements

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Are these power stations portable and easy to transport?

Absolutely, the design of our power stations emphasizes portability, often featuring compact and ergonomic designs with convenient handles or carrying options, enabling easy transportation between job sites or locations.

Can you customize the color?

We support color customization.

How to charge portable power station?

1. Solar panel 2. Wall outlet 3. Car charger

Can these stations be customized to meet specific business needs?

Yes, our power stations offer customization options to suit different business requirements, including output capacities, additional interfaces, branding opportunities, and integration possibilities for specialized applications.

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