Hello! I'm Bluen Lee, the Expert of Lithium Batteries.

Also the founder and CEO of Tritek .

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Know More About Me

Hello, I’m Bluen, I have over 10 years of experience working with a large public company, where I’ve been responsible for managing power-lithium battery pack projects and overseeing production.
Throughout my career, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the battery market and kept up with the latest trends in R&D.
My expertise extends to automatic production lines and intelligent manufacturing, giving me a unique perspective on the technical and operational aspects of battery production.
I’m excited to share my insights and knowledge with you through my blog.

My Recent life Photos

From managing production lines to visiting customers, these photos capture moments from my daily life in the lithium battery industry.

Know More About Tritek

I founded Tritek with a simple yet powerful intention: to create the best customized intelligent battery packs for our customers. This ambition became our mission: We turn the customers’ idea into perfect battery products.

To achieve this, I brought together a team of experts from various fields—software, hardware, structural engineering, electronics, testing, and project management. We also needed our own in-house Battery Management System (BMS) manufacturing to maintain control over quality and customization.

Our hard work began to yield results, allowing us to collaborate with leading manufacturers of drive systems, e-bikes, and e-scooters from countries like the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain.

Quality is our top priority, so we adhere to the IATF16949 quality standard throughout the entire production process for lithium battery products.

To ensure timely delivery, we invested over 100 million RMB in three automated SMT lines for PCBA production and four semi-automatic lines for battery assembly.

Customer satisfaction doesn’t end with production. To provide top-notch pre-sales and after-sales support, we established a branch in Spain and Tritek Europe GmbH in Germany.

Our commitment to our original intention drives us to continually improve our products and services, aiming to meet even higher standards. This dedication forms the core of our values: Innovation, Quality, United Achievement, and Customer Satisfaction.

My Recent Posts

Comprehensive Guide to E-Bike Chargers

This comprehensive guide not only explains key technical terms such as input voltage, output voltage, charge current, rated output power, and input current but also showcases Tritek’s cutting-edge charger range designed to meet the diverse needs of e-bikes.

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