Top 10 Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in China 2023

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According to a report published in March 2022, the prices of lithium metal skyrocketed to $77000 per tonne. Because of the increased awareness about climate change, countries are in search of alternate energy solutions which are less harmful to the environment.

That’s why the rapid increase in the production of electric vehicles has increased the demand for modern lithium-ion batteries.

The market need for lithium batteries has grown due to the rapid growth of alternative fuel cars and UPS storage. An increasing number of businesses are starting to enter lithium-ion battery manufacturing. However, companies from China are leading the world to a smooth transition toward renewable energy solutions.

Top 10 Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in China

Lithium-ion batteries are in high demand due to their superior efficiency over traditional lead-acid batteries.

China has thousands of companies manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, but the golden question is, “How can you pick the best supplier among thousands of worthy contenders?

To answer your questions, we have listed the top ten lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China in this article.

1. Tritek

Tritek offers a wide range of power solutions for lithium-ion batteries for commercial and domestic usage. The experts at Tritek have 15 years of experience in the design, and R&D of lev lithium-ion batteries.

You can get a custom lithium battery pack for your light electric vehicles, such as e-bikes, e-scooter, e-motorcycle, electric mountain bikes, cargo bikes, etc. Lithium-ion batteries produced at Tritek are CE, FCC, EN 15194:2017 and UN-transportation certified.

In 2021, Tritek invested twenty-three million RMB in the hardware and software of the PCBA production. Tritek’s fully automated SMT line has a capacity of producing 9 million points and 50,000 units.

As part of our commitment to enhancing the consumer experience, Tritek has already established customer service centers in Spain and is actively expanding to Germany and the United States.


2. BYD

BYD Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 and operates in three main sectors of advanced energy, vehicles, and information technology.

It is one of the most robust producers of lithium and nickel-cadmium batteries worldwide. BYD’s lithium batteries for cell phones are prevalent, providing lithium-ion batteries to mobile phone manufacturers like Motorola and Huawei. These days the lithium-iron-phosphate battery is the main item produced by BYD.

BYD has also introduced advanced energy products, including solar power plants, energy-storage power plants, electric automobiles, LEDs, and electric forklifts.

byd company - lithium-ion battery manufacturer


The CATL Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. It provides energy storage solutions for green energy applications.

The company produces lithium-ion battery modules for electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and other applications. Powertrains, large-scale grid energy storage, smart grid energy storage, distributed household energy storage, and battery management systems (BMS) for electric/hybrid vehicles

CATL possesses the core technology for the entire supply chain of materials, batteries, lithium-battery systems, and battery recycling. The lithium-ion battery manufacturer also can work on large-scale energy storage projects with yearly project volumes reaching 40 Mwh.

catl company - lithium-ion battery manufacturer

4. GOTION High Tech

GOTION was founded in May 2006, and it manufactures lithium-ion batteries and their components from scratch. Their primary products are BMS systems, power battery packs, lithium iron phosphate batteries, cells, and energy storage battery packs.

Additionally, GOTION has acquired the ECE R100 permit for domestic testing of renewable energy vehicle power batteries for the European market. GOTION High-tech is working to develop high-power 300 GWh batteries by the end of 2025.

gotion company - lithium-ion battery manufacturer


CALB is a tech giant that produces lithium-ion batteries, advanced BMS, energy storage solutions, and other lithium battery materials.

The corporation manufactures general and custom energy solutions for commercial/passenger vehicles, energy storage management, and special application needs.

CALB currently runs six industrial bases in China and owns an R&D institute named “China Aviation Lithium Institute”— an independent research and development organization. CALB plans to increase its yearly production capacity up to 500GWh by 2025.

calb company - lithium-ion battery manufacturer

6. EVE

EVE is China’s fifth-largest manufacturer of high-capacity lithium batteries. The company is known to provide high-energy lithium batteries for commercial and domestic levels.

Along with the traditional lithium-ion batteries, the company also holds a significant market share for lithium/sulfuryl chloride, lithium/manganese dioxide, and lithium/iron disulfide batteries.

The EVE lithium-ion batteries are extensively used in intelligent transportation, security, data communication, and automobile smart meters.

Eve is actively working on starting a mass production unit for 4680 and 4695 batteries for next-generation electric vehicles.

eve company - lithium-ion battery manufacturer


REPT Co Ltd. was established in 2017 to provide renewable energy solutions. It specializes in producing high-quality solutions for new generation electric vehicles and intelligent electric energy storage systems.

REPT is primarily involved in researching, producing, and selling high-power lithium-ion batteries for solo and system applications.

Iron-lithium batteries with square aluminum shells are the primary battery types manufactured by REPT.

rept company - lithium-ion battery manufacturer

8. Great Power

Great Power started its operations in 2001 as one of China’s leading OEM & ODM lithium battery manufacturers.

You can use Great Power lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics such as tablets, loT, TWS earphones, Bluetooth devices, E-Cigarette, etc. However, Great Power batteries are also excellent energy solutions for commercial and passenger vehicles.

Currently, Great Power is exploring opportunities to develop innovative and efficient ESS (energy storage systems) and produce batteries according to safety guidelines and high standards for the international market.

great power company - lithium-ion battery manufacturer

9. Lishen Battery

Lishen Battery Co Ltd, a well-known lithium battery producer in China, was founded in 1997.

Lishen is dedicated to offering complete power solutions to domestic and commercial consumers and working on power solutions for EVs and energy storage systems.

Lishen battery products are categorized into six series: supercapacitors, power and polymer lithium batteries, rectangular and circular batteries, and photovoltaic systems.

Lishen Battery Co Ltd has a functional production capacity of 1Gwh, and its primary customers are automobile companies.

lishen company - lithium-ion battery manufacturer

10. Penghui

Penghui is a high-tech company that has been in the market for more than 20 years. The company mainly produces lithium batteries and has a dedicated R&D center for innovating new energy storage systems.

The battery manufacturer has fully realized the opportunities in the field of the new energy industry. Penghui has expanded its scope to include various industries, including digital consumer batteries, electric energy vehicle power batteries, energy storage batteries, light power batteries, power tool batteries, etc.

All the companies included in our listing has active customer service, and you can contact them via email to learn more about their products and prices.

Besides these lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China, there are a lot of other professional companies. The choice of supplier depends on the needed application. Every manufacturer and supplier has its strengths, weaknesses, and richer experience in some areas than others.

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Tritek is your ODM partner for lev battery, and we pay close attention to your requirements.

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Tritek is your ODM partner for lev battery, and we pay close attention to your requirements.

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