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What Certifications are Required for Exporting E-Scooter/E-Motorcycle Batteries to Europe?

As a manufacturer or exporter of an electric scooter or electric motorcycle in Europe, it is mandatory to know what qualifications are required for exporting electric scooter and electric motorcycle batteries to Europe.


There are certifications that apply to specific markets whereas others are generic to global markets. In this article, we are going to look at certifications that are applicable to the European Union (EU) market.

Certification for electric scooter/motorcycle batteries is important to ensure the safety and quality of the battery. Some certifications also exist to ensure that the handling and transport of the batteries are safe and won’t cause any harm. Imagine batteries being transported via air and exploding mid-air… that’s what these certifications seek to prevent.

There are specific tests carried out to certify that these batteries can perform well in normal and stressed conditions. Generally, these certifications/qualifications exist to ensure the safe use of the batteries both for users and for the environment.

Certifications Required for Exporting E-Scooter/E-Motorcycle Batteries to Europe

Tritek conforms to certifications required in the markets that we export to. Below are the certifications that are required for exporting Electric scooter or Electric motorcycle batteries to Europe:

EN 15194:2017

This is a European standard for electrically power assisted cycle (EPAC) which covers common hazards, events, and situations that might pose a problem when parts of the EPAC, for example, lithium-ion batteries, chargers, display, and remotes, are used for their intended or unintended use.

This standard specifies the performance, safety, and integrity of both Electric scooters/motorcycles, its battery, and their charging systems. In summary, the standard focuses on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), mechanical safety, and electrical safety.

We at Tritek produce and export batteries that are EN 15194:2017 compliant.


This is a Certification proving that a product conforms to the EU’s Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive.

The directive of the EU is that any electronic product should not generate Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) that can affect other products and the product itself should not be affected by EMI from other electronic products.

CE-EMC certification is necessary to guarantee the safe and reliable operation of electronic products protecting end users from potential health hazards caused by EMI.

Any electronic product that complies will have a CE mark on them without which, the product will be withdrawn from the EU market.

UN 38.3

This is a certification by the UN on the safety of Lithium-ion and Lithium metal batteries during shipping and transit.

Lithium-ion batteries can be a hazard if not handled and transported correctly during transit. UN 38.3 specifies a series of tests to verify the safety and performance of the battery under different conditions.

The tests include: altitude simulation test, thermal test, vibration test, shock test, external short circuit test, impact test, overcharge test, and forced discharge test.

Without the UN38.3 test qualification report, electronic products cannot be accepted into the EU market.

All electric scooter/motorcycles battery made by Tritek are UN 38.3 certified.


The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a certification or document that shows presence of potential hazardous chemical product in an electronic product.

MSDS shows the potential health effects, measures to prevent the health effects, protective equipment to be used when handling the product, and first aid measures if exposed to the hazard.

IP965 and IP967

These are packing instructions dealing with Lithium batteries.

IP965 applies for Lithium-ion and Lithium polymer batteries while IP967 applies for lithium-ion, lithium polymer, and batteries contained in equipment. These instructions ensure the safe handling and transport of Lithium-ion and Lithium polymer batteries.

ROHS 2.0

ROHS 2.0 is a certification by the EU that seeks to regulate the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products. This is major to protect human health and the environment from hazardous substances.

ROHS or Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive purpose of eliminating the use of mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl, and lead in the production of electrical products.

All manufacturers or exporters into the EU market must comply with the ROHS 2.0 certification through testing and certification of their products to ensure they preserve both human health and the environment.

Tritek is fully compliant with the ROHS 2.0 directive.


Certifications for electric scooters or motorcycle batteries are necessary to ensure safety of use to immediate users, people around them, and to the environment.

Quality and performance of the batteries are also guaranteed only after the above-listed certifications are passed.


Q: What is the best battery for an electric scooter/motorcycle?

A: Lithium-ion batteries. Because they are lighter by more than 60% compared to the lead-acid batteries, have a higher energy density, and have better performance.

Q: Can you ride electric scooters in Europe?

A: Yes! But under a specific set of rules. A maximum speed of between 20-25 km/h, have not less than 16 years in most EU countries, and you are not allowed to carry any passenger. Be sure to check rules that apply to your country.

Q: Can I put a more powerful battery in my electric scooter?

A: Yes, even though this will give more capacity (watt hours) to your scooter, a more powerful battery is heavier and this will make your scooter heavier hence reducing its portability.

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