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Export Safeguard:Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of exported LEV battery

Export Safeguard: Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of exported LEV battery

Nowadays, more than 90% of LEV battery packs are supplied by Chinese factories. There is a need for greater enforcement of proper packaging for safe transportation. This kind of package standard applies to international UN package. On the base of the international UN package, the Chinese government has taken measures to enhance transportation regulations and create its packaging standards for hazardous goods in 2021.

This inspection certificate for packing functions is required for all China export shipments of dangerous goods. It must pass several tests to ensure that packages are strong enough to withstand the shocks, loading, and atmospheric pressure changes normally encountered during transportation.

Tritek is an experienced LEV battery pack manufacturer, we are always compliant with dangerous goods regulations with the UN package. We ship each lithium battery pack, such as electric bike, electric motorcycle, or other electric smart devices, by packing with the UN package. Now, in response to this strict inspection certificate for packing functions of dangerous goods in 2021, Tritek brings you up-to-date.

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What is the Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of outbound dangerous goods?

The full name is inspection certificate for packing functions of the dangerous goods leaving the country. “Inspection certificate for packing function” is used for dangerous goods exported packed in specified cartons – UN package, which is with an United Nations packaging symbol. It should be used for exported products package as well, which are dangerous goods defined by the state regulations, such as cosmetics epoxy adhesive, toner, nail polish, perfume, spray, lithium battery, lighter, etc.

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It seems many classes for dangerous goods, and maybe part of the customers are puzzled about what classification of dangerous goods for LEV battery.

By checking with the below table, you’ll find battery cells, batteries, electric mobility, and equipment containing batteries, all classed into the category of IX: Miscellaneous dangerous goods.

UN ClassDangerous GoodsClassification
2GasesFlammable gas, Non-flammable, non-toxic gas, Toxic gas
3Flammable liquidFlammable liquid
4Flammable solidsFlammable solid, Spontaneously combustible substance, Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas
5Oxidising substancesOxidising substance, Organic peroxide
6Toxic substancesToxic substance, Infectious substance
7Radioactive materialRadioactive material
8Corrosive substancesCorrosive substance
9Miscellaneous dangerous goodsMiscellaneous dangerous goods, Substance which hazard on environment

Why must dangerous goods packaging be certificated?

Transportation Safety is dependent on shipping a dangerous good in the correct packaging. If you choose the wrong packaging, you could severely injure a transportation worker, harm the environment, or cause catastrophic damage.

Packing functions for dangerous goods have to be certified because it has to comply with dangerous goods packaging regulations. Organizations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) have examined and adjusted their restrictions on transport and packaging thoroughly after an increasing amount of incidents that occurred with lithium-ion batteries, for instance.

The most feasible way to select dangerous goods packaging is to choose packaging that has already been certified, which means it is approved for the product you’re shipping. Tritek as a senior LEV battery pack manufacturer, we have applied the UN package for different products in these years, for example, 36V electric bike battery, 48V electric MTB battery, and 60V electric motorcycle battery. So it’s beneficial for us to do an inspection certificate for packing functions of LEV battery packs leaving the country. Now let us explain what the certification process of dangerous goods packaging is.

With the certification of the results of the packaging of dangerous goods exported, it can be shown that the packaging of dangerous goods meets the packing requirements. You can use this certificate, together with the results of the inspection of the packaging performance of exported dangerous goods, and the packaging technical manual, to declare the export of dangerous goods to the maritime department.

Relevant documents required for handling dangerous packages

1. Outbound dangerous goods packaging performance inspection result sheet (commonly called performance sheet), provided by the dangerous goods packaging production factory.
2. IMI classification appraisal report. Provide 20-50 grams of samples to the relevant appraisal agencies for reporting.
3. Chinese MSDS
4. Factory inspection form
5. Certificate of conformity (self-inspection result sheet)
After the above documents are prepared, you can apply to customs for inspection and apply for a dangerous package permit. 3-5 working days after acceptance by the customs, customs officers will come to check whether the packaging conforms to the application information provided and whether the relevant single goods comply. After inspection, there is no problem and the result report of the packaging and use of dangerous goods is issued. The whole process is done!

UN Marking

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Is any misunderstanding about the Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of outbound dangerous goods?

  1. UN-package is not a dangerous goods package. UN-package can continuously be used for a few years as long as individual and outer packing don’t change.
  2. However, the effective duration of the dangerous goods package is only 1 year. The certificate should be applied again after a year.
  3. After you get the results of the packaging of dangerous goods exported, you need to apply to your local customs for inspection on-site. You can apply customs inspection of the same model goods per three months OR be inspected on-site by customs for each shipment.

Since the year of 2021, Chinese customs have enhanced measurements of dangerous goods exported to ensure transportation safety. You can read in depth from this government link:

Tritek’s battery packs have been certificated UN-package since 2019. To respond quickly to the certificate of the dangerous goods, we already applied a few batches and exported smoothly this year. You may know that it is a tough year to book shipping space! Tritek is quite an experienced electric moped lithium battery manufacturer and has rich resources to export battery packs. If you are searching for a reliable supplier of electric mobility batteries or LEV battery solutions, Tritek could be your perfect ODM partner!

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