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Tritek Introduced Intelligent Manufacturing System | digital and intelligent manufacturing

In your search for a reliable LEV battery supplier with modern production lines, you have come to the right place. Tritek has been working on the LEV battery solution since the year 2008. Our products include smart battery packs used in e-bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles, energy storage applications, etc.

On April 26, 2021, Tritek started the “IMS digital & intelligent manufacturing system ” project. The full name of IMS is Intelligent Manufacturing System, which is the upgrade version of MES! It will help us to build up automated production lines so as to produce smarter, safer, and more premium batteries.


In an era of industrial artificial intelligence for industry 4.0-based manufacturing, let’s discover a bit more knowledge of intelligent manufacturing systems (IMS) with the following aspects:

  1. What is an Intelligent Manufacturing System?
  2. What can Intelligent Manufacturing System bring?
  3. What problems can Intelligent Manufacturing System solve?
  4. How can Intelligent Manufacturing System help to produce high-quality LEV battery packs?

What is IMS?

IMS is a unique closed-loop solution for intelligent electronic manufacturing. It provides a series of management methods and tools, to increase production efficiency and production quality, to realize error-proof and total traceability management.

IMS system is including MES process optimization, Industry 4.0 intelligence, improved efficiency, etc.

What can IMS bring?

  1. Reducing manpower of warehouse and workshop by 20%
  2. Reducing inventory of self-purchasing by 30%
  3. Achieving 4M traceability management, including manpower, machine, material, and method
  4. Level 5 comprehensive error-proofing system to prohibit quality accidents.

What problems can IMS solve?

ims bring

1. Material optimization management:

By the means of optimal management for materials, warehouse, and logistics distribution. IMS helps to cancel paper reports and operate JIT material distribution.

2. Real-time production management:

To build up integrated production lines and joint every production section, which shall improve the ability of coordination among each department in order to make a transparent and digital production process.

3. Total quality, Dashboard management, and E-reports:

  • Through the procedural of quality standards, a complete production process quality standard system is established to monitor and analyze quality problems of finished and semi-finished products quickly.
  • Taking batches as the unit, establish a two-way traceability corresponding to finished goods and components so as to realize the traceability of quality, material, production procedures, etc.
  • To show the related data, such as production, quality, and equipment, meanwhile, we can provide a part of the production data to our nominated customers.

How can IMS help to produce high-quality LEV battery packs?

The BMS is the most crucial part to make a high-quality LEV battery pack. In our IMS System, each BMS has the UID. And we can update the inspection data in the IMS system, throughout the manufacturing process of the PCBA, including SPI, before and after AOI. 

IMS will help Tritek build a digital smart factory and realize the digital upgrade of the enterprise, so we can provide perfect Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) battery products to customers.

tritek battery

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