Universal, E-bike Battery, High capacity

Fit the most popular e-bike in USA and North America

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36V, 48V


12ah, 15ah, 16ah, 17.5ah

Discharge rate

2C max, 3C max

Smart BMS


Cycle Life

500 cycles

Case material

Aluminum + PC

Case Type

In Tube


electric city bike

Cell Structure

10S4P, 10S5P, 13S3P, 13S4P

Cell Type

18650, 21700

Case Color

Black, custom-made

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intube battery+

36V 16Ah / 48V 12Ah

Cell Structure:10S4P / 13S3P
Discharge rate:2C continuous, 3C max
Smart BMS: CAN
Cell Type:21700

36V 17.5Ah / 48V15Ah

Cell Structure:10S5P / 13S4P
Discharge rate:2C continuous, 3C max
Smart BMS: CAN
Cell Type:18650


  • Charge temperature: 10-45℃
  • Discharge temperature: -20-60℃
  • Battery life: 500 cycles
  • Good consistency: free of charge for 6 months
  • Low self-discharge: deep sleep mode for storage

ebike battery

intube battery


Global Certification

global certification

e bike

Fueling E-Bike Innovation through Tailored Energy Excellence!

At Tritek, we recognize that exceptional e-bikes require more than off-the-shelf batteries – they deserve a strategic energy partner.
Our Customizable InTube Battery Solutions seamlessly fuse cutting-edge technology with personalized design, empowering your e-bike lineup to reach unprecedented heights of performance and desirability.

  • 🔋Empower Your E-Bikes: Customize voltage (36V/48V) for your e-bike models.
  • 📐Tailored Packs for Distinctiveness: Design power packs that align with your e-bike specifications.
  • ⚙️Unleash Unrivaled Performance: Optimize cell layouts (10S4P, 13S3P, etc.) for power and durability.
  • 🚀High-Performance Discharge: Experience 2C continuous discharge or max 3C for acceleration.
  • 🔌Intelligent Smart BMS: Control battery health with advanced CAN-enabled Smart BMS.
  • 🔋A New Era in Battery Solutions: Choose from 21700 or 18650 cells for efficiency and reliability.
  • 🌡️Resilience across Temperature Extremes: Batteries perform flawlessly from -20°C to 60°C.
  • 🔄Empower Extended Journeys: Batteries last up to 500 cycles, ensuring lasting rides.
  • 🎯Assured Consistency: We offer free of charge for 6 months.
  • Effortless Storage: Deep sleep mode ensures ready-to-use spare batteries.
  • 🚴Elevate Your E-Bike Lineup: Innovate with Tritek’s InTube Battery Solutions.

Energize E-Bike Excellence – Pioneering Progress, Your Way.

4 good reasons

for choosing Tritek Battery for your electric mobility

选择我们的4大理由 定稿 06

An Intelligent battery with smart BMS, integrate with protocol applicable to the onboard applications, allowing you to communicate with the battery during riding.

选择我们的4大理由 定稿 03

A safe battery and full compliance with certificates in the lev industry, enabling you to use electric mobility worldwide with no restrictions.

选择我们的4大理由 定稿 18

We make every effort to supply sustainable power solutions. You can expect more than 500 cycles or 2.5 years shelf life.

选择我们的4大理由 定稿 21

We are your true battery partner because we care about efficient service. Our service center in Spain and future centers in Germany and the USA are on 24 hours standby for your convenience.

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Tritek is your ODM partner for lev battery, and we pay close attention to your requirements.

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Tritek is your ODM partner for lev battery, and we pay close attention to your requirements.

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