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Top 10 E-bike Battery Manufacturers in China

Pioneering the world of electric bikes, China has emerged as the epicenter of innovation and quality eBike lithium-ion batteries. Navigating the sea of manufacturers can be overwhelming, but worry not – we’re your compass. Presenting a curated revelation: the top 10 e-bike battery manufacturers in China.

Prepare to explore unparalleled excellence, from cutting-edge technology to sustainable solutions. Let’s embark on this journey together, igniting your electric adventure.

Top 10 E-bike Battery Manufacturers in China

  • Tritek
  • TLH
  • Phylion
  • KIJO Battery
  • Tianneng Battery
  • Greenway
  • EVE Energy
  • Tianjin Lishen
  • BAK Battery



Decade-Long Expertise: The company has specialized in lev battery solutions since 2008, showcasing its deep-rooted experience in the field.

Integrated Solutions: Offering comprehensive ODM solutions encompassing batteries, chargers, and accessories, streamlining the entire electric biking experience.

Global Certification: Proudly partnered with TUV sud for global certification, ensuring products meet the highest industry standards.

European Service Centers: Strategically positioned service centers in Europe, bringing prompt and efficient customer support closer to their clientele.

In-House Development: Boasting a robust in-house development team of over 100 engineers, driving innovation and tailored solutions.

Dual Production Sites: Operating from two production sites, equipped with cutting-edge automatic assembly lines for both battery assembly and PCBA SMT processes. With an impressive annual production capacity of 3.65 million PCBAs and 7.3 million power battery packs, Tritek ensures efficient and reliable manufacturing to meet growing demands.

Comprehensive Solutions: Providing versatile NCM and LFP solutions with advanced battery management systems communication via CANbus, UART, and RS485. Covering various voltage options (36V, 48V, 60V, 72V), catering to diverse requirements across a wide application range including electric bikes, e-motorcycles, e-cargo bikes, electric scooters, golf cars, and more.

Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co., Ltd

shenzhen tianlihe technology co. ltd

Experienced Manufacturer: A seasoned expert in ebike lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

Comprehensive Expertise: Offers software and hardware BMS systems solution development.

Communication Mastery: Enables battery pack communication via UART, CANbus, and SMBus.

Global Support: International service centers in Germany, America, and the UK for swift technical assistance.

Phylion Battery Co., Ltd.

phylion 1

Global Energy Provider: Phylion Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is a worldwide new energy application service provider.

Core Technology: Specializes in power lithium batteries with manganese multi-compound lithium at the core.

Industrial Presence: Boasts power battery production lines across three bases in Suzhou, Chuzhou, and Yancheng.

International Expansion: With subsidiaries in Europe and India, Phylion has a global industrial layout.

Diverse Applications: Their products find applications in electric bikes, electric vehicles, tricycles, energy storage, and more.

Impressive Record: Exported lithium batteries to 22 countries, exceeding 21 million sets in global sales.

Shenzhen BENZO Energy technology Co., Ltd.

benzo energy

Polymer Li-ion Expertise: Years of research and development, production experience in polymer lithium-ion batteries.

Innovative Design: Known for high-capacity, small-volume, ultra-thin flexible battery designs.

Stringent Standards: All ebike batteries meet CE, UN, UL, and ROHS standards.

Dual Manufacturing Sites: Two factories in Guangdong Province (Jiangmen and Dongguan) for efficient production.

Strategic Location: Foreign trade department situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, enhancing global accessibility.

KIJO Battery group


Established Expertise: Founded in 1993, KIJO is a reputable battery manufacturer with a rich history.

Impressive Capacity: Boasts a production capacity of over 30 million units and an output value exceeding 750 million USD.

Diverse Portfolio: Offers AGM, GEL, Deep Cycle, Lead Carbon, OPzV, and Lithium batteries for industrial applications.

Global Presence: Four production bases in Nanchang, Jiujiang, Xinyu, and Bangladesh, catering to different aspects of battery manufacturing.

Strong Technical Team: Comprising 3,000 employees and 400+ technical experts, KIJO maintains robust technical strength.

Global Reach: Exporting batteries to various continents, KIJO has garnered wide acclaim and customer satisfaction worldwide.

Steadfast Mission: KIJO’s mission focuses on customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and societal contributions.

Forward-Thinking: Driven by innovation and development, KIJO aspires to be a leading global green energy enterprise.

Tianneng Battery


Diverse Product Range: Offers cylindrical, pouch, and square lithium electric cell products.

Material Expertise: Expertise spans ternary and iron-lithium systems.

Expansion Initiatives: Actively integrating resources and expanding production bases.

Upcoming Project: Launching the South Taihu 12GWh high-energy lithium battery project, with full capacity reaching 15GWh.

Strategic Partnerships: Signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zaozhuang city, with plans for lithium battery production, research and development, and recycling projects, amounting to a 10 billion yuan investment.

Guangdong Greenway Technology Co., Ltd.


IPO Success: On June 11, 2022, Greenway Co., Ltd. debuted on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, raising around 648 million yuan. A significant portion was allocated for light electric vehicle lithium battery construction.

Expansion Plans: Announced a 3 billion yuan investment agreement with Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong province, to establish a lithium cell and energy storage battery R&D and production headquarters. A 5 to 6-year phased investment approach is planned.

Fund Utilization: Using a portion of the raised funds and own capital to enhance Dongguan Kaide subsidiary’s capital, accelerating the power lithium-ion battery production line construction.

Industry Influence: A trusted supplier to well known China electric bikes enterprises like Current Force Electric Power, Calf, Yadi Holdings, Emma Technology, and A New Day.

Global Reach: Successfully developed cross-country electric motorcycles for domestic and international clients, including renowned electric bike customers in Germany, Romania, Denmark, and France.

EVE Energy Co., Ltd.


Cylindrical Battery Innovation: Introduced large cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP batteries) with laser-welded full pole lug design, offering safety, low heat, cost-effectiveness, stability, and efficiency for electric two-wheelers.

Market Transition: Transitioned cylindrical batteries from electric vehicles to e-bikes, enhancing offerings in the electric two-wheeled vehicle sector.

Capacity Expansion: Raised 900 million yuan for a cylindrical three-way production line for energy storage projects, boosting capacity from 3.5GWh to 8GWh. Primarily targeted for electric tools and electric bike markets.

Strategic Partnership: Main cell supplier for Niu Electric, providing 18650 cylindrical batteries.

Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd.


Electric bike Supplier: Since 2018, supplied lithium batteries to electric bike manufacturers with a substantial shipment volume in the hundreds of millions.

Strategic Partnership: Collaborated with Xinri Electric Vehicle, signing a strategic cooperation agreement for the supply of over 50 million cylindrical 18650/21700 ternary batteries.

Industry Recognition: Recognized as a benchmark enterprise for cylindrical batteries, showcasing Lishen’s industry leadership.

Ride-sharing Collaboration: Supplied battery packs to Meituan Two-wheel Business Division, delivering over 700,000 battery packs by October 2020.

Ride-sharing Expansion: Partnered with multiple ride-sharing giants beyond Meituan, further expanding their market presence.

BAK Battery


Lead-Acid Leader: Prominent Chinese manufacturer specializing in lead-acid batteries for ebikes.

Longevity and Affordability: Known for producing batteries with extended lifespans and budget-friendly costs.

Diverse Options: Offers a comprehensive selection of battery sizes and capacities catering to diverse user requirements.

Conclusion: Empowering Electric bike Evolution through Top-tier Battery Manufacturers in China

As we delve into the world of electric bicycles, the linchpin driving their performance and potential rests in the hands of top-quality batteries. In our exploration of China’s elite Electric Bike Battery Manufacturers, a tapestry of innovation, reliability, and diverse solutions unfolds, with each Chinese company contributing a unique thread to the fabric of the industry.

From the precision-engineered battery packs of Tritek, a leading company, to the comprehensive expertise of Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology in the global market, we witness the powerhouses that shape the future of electric mobility. Phylion’s global influence spans across various countries, BENZO Energy pioneers integrated solutions for consumer electronics, KIJO Group’s multifaceted expansion makes waves in the international market, and Greenway’s strategic initiatives illuminate the new energy industry.

EVE’s dynamic innovations hold industry acclaim, Lishen Battery’s rich experience shines through, and BAK Battery’s lead-acid solutions solidify this ensemble of excellence. Amidst their collective efforts, they carve the path toward a sustainable and efficient era of transportation.

For those ready to embark on this electrified journey, Tritek stands as a beacon, offering not just batteries, but a partnership in progress. As you seek the perfect power solutions for your Electric Bike ventures, consider Tritek’s legacy of innovation, reliability, and commitment. Let your next step be one of connection – reach out to Tritek today to ignite your electric mobility aspirations and capture opportunities in the dynamic international market.

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