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7 factors to consider when importing electric bike lithium batteries from China

Lithium-ion batteries, the power source for bikes and motorcycles, are in high demand, with the global concept of green travel.

An electric bike or e-bike is an electrically powered bicycle that helps the rider walk. You can find many different types of Chinese-made e-bikes, and scooters all over the world since most things are imported and sought after. Tritek LEV battery manufacturer provides these 7 basic factors that should always be considered when importing lithium batteries from Chinese manufacturers.

If you’re a B2B business looking to import from China, our comprehensive ultimate guide is your go-to resource.

1. Research and development strength of lithium battery manufacturers

A company research and development strength survey allows you to understand whether ODM manufacturers can translate customer ideas into reliable products.

With a strong and professional team and 13 years of experience as an ODM battery manufacturer, Tritek uses software technology to design intelligent batteries and turn customers’ ideas into reliable products.  


2. Price

Comparing the prices of e-bikes is difficult. An e-bike with a high standard of components will cost more, so you have to do your research and decide on your lithium battery product specifications so you can get quotes for the same product from different manufacturers.

Discover more about how to get a quotation from a Chinese supplier.

If you are looking for a custom-designed body, it will incur more costs than normal. Most manufacturers will ask wholesalers to finance the additional tools and molds they will need to customize your bike, so you must always plan and keep your budget in mind.

You will find that many manufacturers import lithium batteries from China, so you need to go deep into the lithium battery market so that you can get a more competitive price.

Tritek will provide competitive lithium battery products within your budget.

3. Product specifications

Most Chinese lithium-ion battery manufacturers lack customized product specifications and will likely use any off-the-shelf components to assemble your product, so you need to specify the manufacturer with the specification components you want. The following provides a detailed overview of lithium battery products for your reference.

Tritek e-bike battery

Battery: It is usually a Li-Ion, quality differs in terms of weight, lifespan, and capacity. Most suppliers use batteries from well-known brands so make sure to check it, they shall also be able to prove that the battery is compliant with relevant product regulations.

The documents specifying the brand, model, and type of battery must be provided by the supplier too for a smooth transition through ports.

Tritek’s design to customer requirements –IATF16949: PPAP, QCP — the final product to customer satisfaction.


4. Quality

Among many lithium-ion battery manufacturers, there will be some cheaper ones that may seem like a good deal, but that means you may compromise on quality.

Look for a manufacturer who can maintain a high-quality supply chain, rather than choosing the cheapest supplier among the cheaper manufacturers, as the final product may not meet your expectations, which can be a waste of time and money.

You want to make sure that the manufacturer has high-quality materials and a rigorous quality assurance process. You can look at the components and make sure that the manufacturer is using the same components in the assembly process.

You can always buy lithium batteries from a known supplier, so there is no ambiguity about the quality the supplier will provide.

Tritek quality system has ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO13485, and IPC Membership, at the same time, we implement IATF16949 in quality control and cooperate with the top companies in the automotive industry.

tritek quality system
tritek quality system

5. Safety Standards and Regulations

Importing lithium bike batteries to the United States, European countries, Canada, Australia, and many other markets are subject to product safety regulations. In addition, there are specific other regulations that apply to batteries and other components.

Some suppliers/manufacturers are either unaware of them or may not control them. So make sure your suppliers provide safety test reports, use brand-name products, and ensure their products are safe and up to standard. 

Tritek not only designs smart batteries through software technology but also produces them in strict accordance with the global LEV battery certification standards, such as EN15194:2017, UN38.3, CE, FCC, UN-package, RoHS, CB, UL, Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of Outbound Goods, etc.

inspection certificate for packing functions of outbound goods
Inspection certificate for packing functions of outbound goods

6. Production and Delivery

The initial order quantity may be relatively small. When the order quantity increases or decreases in the future, it is particularly important to investigate the production and delivery capacity of the manufacturer before cooperation, because it will change your product sales plan or lead to delay. 

Tritek’s production capacity: 4 SMT production lines, an average daily capacity of 9 million points, 100% AOI test, 100 thousand grade dust-free workshop;

4 plug-in lines, 4 finished product assembly lines, with an average daily capacity of 20,000 pieces, 100% ICT testing, aging testing, and automated functional testing. All these facilities allow you to import electric bike lithium batteries from China in any volume without any delay.

tritek battery
tritek battery

7. After sales

A battery manufacturer with excellent quality will have a few feedback records of after-sales problems and convenient after-sales service. After-sales service is the last factor to investigate the battery manufacturer because it can help you solve a lot of tricky after-sales issues. Therefore, attention should be paid to it when you import electric bike lithium batteries from China.

Tritek intelligent battery management system (BMS), smart APP, battery status, battery pack, batteries, independent monitoring, logging, and error records can provide a powerful basis quickly locate battery after-sales problems.

In addition in Europe, there is an after-sales center in Spain and Germany, and will be expanding to the United States, providing customers with more efficient, more convenient after-sales service.

after sales

Here are 7 key factors to keep in mind before importing lithium bike batteries from China, but circumstances may vary from place to place, so you should do extensive research before deciding on a supplier/manufacturer. There are reviews online about different lithium batteries, you should check them out before you decide.

If you don’t want to go through all that hassle, it’s easier to get in touch with suppliers who can supply you with the right lithium battery for your bike to import.

Tritek is a professional lithium battery power solution company founded in Shenzhen. It is famous for providing high-quality products. Our lithium batteries for electric bikes and motorcycles can meet your needs. 

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