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How to get a Quotation from a Chinese Supplier for E-bike Battery

Getting a quotation from a Chinese Supplier for your e-bike battery needs can be as straightforward but might also be tedious if not done properly.
Lithium-ion battery manufacturers commonly have general practices in providing quotations for wholesale business. So, to avoid certain miscommunication issues which can lead to a wrong quotation from your supplier, there are a few things that need to be considered first.

e-bike battery
e-bike battery


  1. Select an E-bike Battery Model for Your Electric bike
  2. Pick a cell brand for the battery
  3. Determine the capacity of the electric bike battery
  4. What quantity of e-bike battery is needed
  5. Requirements for e-bike battery export
  6. Consider the addition of CAN and BMS systems to your battery pack


e-bike battery components
e-bike battery components

 As a general rule of thumb, each lithium battery supplier offers a range of e-bike battery models that are available from battery manufacturers. 

With regards to e-bike battery, there are a number of lithium battery models available with the 2 most common being 18650 and 21700. Both lithium battery types are the most common offered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery manufacturers and preferred by e-bike manufacturers.

Each rechargeable battery model has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of capacity, energy density, battery discharge rate, nominal voltage, and much more. 

When requesting a quotation for electric batteries, you need to research which battery model best suits your E-bike needs and serves your customers. You can as well request a quotation for more than 1 battery model to get the best price list that not only suits your battery needs for electric bikes or electric scooters but also your budget.

You can as well request a quotation based on your e-bike battery model as well. Tritek offers the best ODM services with over 13 years of research and development alongside a team of industry professionals enabling us to translate your designs into reliable lithium battery products. 

Sending in your model design specs and Tritek will provide the best prices based on the materials required and design processes requested.

Tritek also offers the TK0001 E-Bike Battery pack, a light, compact, smart battery pack offered exclusively by Tritek. The TK0001 is a result of 13 years of research and development and is tailor-made for LEVs with a high output, a slim frame, lighter weight, and an IP67 sealing.


cell brands
cell brands

An e-bike battery is made of individual cells and these cells come in a variety of brands offered by different manufacturers. These battery brands use a variety of technology in designing their battery cells and the overall quality, performance, and effectiveness of each brand cell will differ. 

These e-bike battery brands also come at different prices which may be affected by the number of total cells required to build your e-bike battery. These prices will contribute to your quotation, so deciding beforehand will make the process easier and help give you the best quotation for your e-bike battery of choice.

Each e-bike battery cell brand has a proven track record of performance in different applications and you need to research the best cell that suits your E-bike battery needs.

Tritek deals in a wide range of cells by most manufacturers with the major brands including Panasonic, LG, Samsung, BYD, CATL, AESC, and other global battery pack manufacturing brands.


battery capacity

Another important aspect of getting the right quotation is to determine the capacity of the E-bike battery you need. The capacity of the battery pack will determine how much energy/current the battery can hold for a period of time.

The capacity of each battery is measured in Amp-hour(Ah) which tells how many amps of electric power the battery can hold for 1 hour. This capacity or C-rate works dynamically in response to how the battery will be used. 

Take for example, if a battery has a C rate of 10Ah, this means the battery will sustain 10 amps of energy for 1 hour, but this can also mean the same battery can sustain 5 amps for 2 hours or 20 amps for half an hour.

This capacity will also ultimately determine how many battery cells would be needed to build the battery you require for your e-bikes. Specifying the desired capacity of your E-bike battery will enable get a quotation best suited to the battery you requested.

Tritek will always provide the best price list for your requested capacity with the right amount of battery cells needed.


e-motorcycle battery, e-bike intube battery, e-bike downtube battery, range extender
e-motorcycle battery, e-bike intube battery, e-bike downtube battery, range extender

As expected, the total number of batteries needed should be considered and started to get an accurate price list that reflects that number. The total quantity of batteries requested would reflect the final quotation and should be clearly stated.

It should be noted that the price for an initial sample of the battery requested would be different and higher than the final price stated for mass production in the quotation.

In essence, you would get a separate price for the sample battery added to the quotation as well as a separate price which would be for mass-producing the batteries to the required quantity.


shipping transport

Since these batteries will be exported outside of China, it is important to cover some export basis before bothering to get a quotation from a supplier.

One of the major pitfalls to consider is the import and product regulations requirements by the country of the products that will be exported. Countries like Australia, the United States, Canada, and most European countries all subject imported products such as batteries to certain regulatory requirements.

It should be into account if the intended supplier has the necessary safety test reports, compliance certificates, and regulatory standards required. It would be a problem if after getting a quotation and successfully purchasing batteries, only the products were held up at customs for not meeting the necessary regulations.

Tritek is a recognized and registered company that adheres to the global LEV battery certification standards such as Inspection Certificate for Packing Functions of Outbound Goods, UN38.3, FCC, EN15194:2017, RoHS, CE, UL, CB, and others.



Another factor to consider is if there will be an addition of a BMS and CAN, Uart, or other communication to the battery packs. These electronic components are important to establish communication between the E-bikes drive system and the battery pack. 

A CAN monitors and relays information such as temperature, the battery’s state of charge, current, voltage, and other information from the battery pack to the electric bike. This will incur extra costs on the final quotation but they are important to provide the best service from the battery and extend its life cycle.

Following all these points should cover your basics when getting a quotation from a Chinese supplier and help avoid a misquotation that will cause problems for both parties.

With all this information, Tritek will provide the best and most competitive price for good quality lithium-ion batteries in the LEV market for your business. 

And if you’re unsure about any steps in the quotation process you can reach out to Tritek customer support and we’ll give a step-by-step guide on how the entire process will unfold.

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