How to choose an e-bike battery supplier? Research, Quality, Affordable with a good life, Safety standards, After-sales Service, Production

How to choose an e-bike battery supplier? Buyer Guide

It is not an easy task to find the best e-bike battery, supplier. The customer always needs to focus on the quality, price, delivery time, certifications, and other things. This article has all information about How to choose an e-bike battery supplier.

  1. Research and development
  2. Quality
  3. Affordable budget with good battery life
  4. Safety standards
  5. After-sales Service
  6. Production

How to choose an e-bike battery supplier? - Tritek Battery

1. Research and development

Research and development allow you to understand whether manufacturers can turn customer ideas into reliable products. The best electric bike battery suppliers must have a professional research and development team and quality service, team.

We have more than 12 years of experience. Our focus is to provide a variety of LEV batteries. Tritek is providing every possible solution for the right customized electric bike battery.  For now, it’s all about lithium-ion. Li-ion batteries offer more battery capacity when compared to lead-acid batteries.

Tritek has rich experience in CAN communication projects such as can 2.0B CAN OPEN, CAN SAFE J1939, and customization of the CAN protocol.

2. Quality

Quality is a key factor where it is more important to have a high-quality supply chain than a low price. So it will not be a waste of time and money for a customer.

For example, it is better to use reliable battery cells for the battery packs to deliver the required power that your e-bike system needs to function.

Tritekhas quality control IATF16949 set up with ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO13485, and IPC Membership and cooperates with the top companies in the automotive industry.

Tritek has its professional R & D team, providing OEM ODM service to customers around the world.

3. Affordable budget with good battery life

Electric bikes are available in a range of price points, from ultra-low to ultra-high. The price depends on specifications, components, and if a customer wants a custom-designed body or not.

Tritek can provide competitive lithium batteries within customers’ budgets. E-bike batteries should be purchased after effective research by customers.

4. Safety standards

Certification or safety standard is the basic requirement for the identification of a manufacturer.

Tritek maintains its reputation by providing certification. So we opt for a dedicated standard as an electric bike battery supplier for safety purposes. We provide LEV batteries with insulating material facing any problem like a fire.

Tritek has a CE mark for Lithium-ion battery products allowing customers to use them in the European market. Tritek is also awarded 38.3.

Certification for lithium-ion batteries that must pass altitude simulation test, thermal test, vibration test, shock test, 55 °C external short circuits, crush test, overcharge and forced discharge, and packaging drop test before transportation.

  • CE
  • FCC
  • UN 38.3
  • EN 15194
  • ROHS
ce certification
UN 38.3 certification

Read more about certifications

5. After-sales Service

We aim to provide value to customers by providing after-sales services and maintenance if any product creates problems while using. Online technical support is also provided by us. If customers face any issues, we have launched BMS smart app to create ease for our customers that you can use to see the condition of your battery pack.

BMS smart app | How to choose an e-bike battery supplier? - Tritek Battery

We provide a certain time duration and warranty to customers to ensure after-sales services. We have earned a reputation in the market due to excellent after-sales services with a functional BMS app.

6. Production

The initial order quantity may be relatively small. When the order quantity increases or decreases in the future, it is particularly important to investigate the production and delivery capacity of the manufacturer before cooperation, because it will change your product sales plan or lead to delay. 

In Tritek facilities there are:

  • 4 SMT Production lines,9 million daily output
  • SPI inspection
  • 100%AOI
  • X-RAY Inspect 100 thousand dust-free workshops

We can replace already purchased products with large quantities, that is why the production of the manufactory is important.

If you don’t want to go through all that hassle, it’s easier to get in touch with suppliers who can supply you with the right lithium battery for your bike. Tritek is a professional lithium battery power solution company. It is famous for providing high-quality products. Our lithium batteries for electric bikes and motorcycles can meet your needs. Tritek has a good reputation globally as an e-bike battery manufacturer.

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Tritek is your ODM partner for lev battery, and we pay close attention to your requirements.


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Tritek is your ODM partner for lev battery, and we pay close attention to your requirements.

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Tritek is your ODM partner for lev battery, and we pay close attention to your requirements.

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