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Precautions for E-bike Lithium Battery Packaging

Have you ever thought about lithium battery packaging? It is necessary to ensure that the product can be shipped and delivered in good condition. However, many companies are not aware of what precautions should be taken when packing a lithium battery for an e-bike.

In this blog post, we will discuss everything about the packaging of lithium batteries and more on the example of our e-bike batteries!

e-bike lithium battery packaging

Quality requirements for e-bike lithium battery packaging

When purchasing lithium batteries for LEV, you must check whether suppliers can meet national and international safety standards when they ship batteries internationally by sea or air.

The battery packaging must be able to protect the lithium batteries from damage during transportation. The packaging must also be easy to open and close and should not create a fire hazard.

The electric bicycle battery is a high-voltage and high-current device. When packaged, it is important to consider the safety of the user as well as those around them. Proper labeling and warnings for e-bike lithium batteries are essential.

labeling and warnings for lithium batteries

It is also important that the packaging safeguards the environment by preventing any leakage of harmful substances. To do this, special materials may need to be used in the construction of the package.

Manufacturers should consult with their suppliers about these matters to ensure safe and compliant lithium-ion battery packaging for their products.

The transport of dangerous goods by road, rail, air, or sea requires compliance with international and national regulations.

E-bike lithium battery UN packing requirements

Batteries exported from China need to be packed in UN boxes, and the UN boxes need to be certified by the UN.  

The classification, packaging, and labeling of dangerous goods must meet the requirements of the United Nations (UN) Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods – Model Regulations (the UN “Model Regulations”).

Electric bicycle battery is lithium-ion batteries, according to the transportation of dangerous materials and hazardous goods identification criteria, it belongs to Class: Electrochemical; Division: Lithium-ion batteries. The UN number for electric bicycle batteries should be UN3480 (Li-ion Batteries), which is marked on the package.

UN3480 lithium battery packaging

Packaging requirements: Electric bicycle batteries must be packaged in strong boxes, and each box can bear a weight of 30 kg. Each box should indicate “lithium-ion batteries” with clear characters.

Packing instructions for lithium battery shipments:

  1. Separate electric bicycle battery cells and modules;
  2. Place each cell or module in a protective envelope;
  3. Put the envelopes into UN boxes.

In addition, electric bicycle batteries must be protected from short circuits, and prevent mechanical damage. The lithium battery packaging should also comply with the requirements of national and international regulations.

For example, lithium batteries for e-bikes exported to Germany must meet German transport law requirements; in France, they should follow French legislation for “dangerous goods by road” (including any additional local legislation) and UN recommendations on dangerous goods transportation; in Russia, they comply with Russian legislation about “Transportation of Dangerous Goods”.

When purchasing lithium batteries, manufacturers must check whether suppliers can meet national and international safety standards when they ship batteries internationally.

Battery solution

dual battery

When transporting the battery, make sure it is fully charged and secured with straps to avoid any damage. Make sure to remove the battery from the electric bicycle when transporting. Failure to do so may result in damage to both the bike and the battery.

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