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Lithium-ion battery PACK knowledge comprehensive explanation

Since the 1990s, with the mature development of rechargeable battery(lithium battery) technology, lithium batteries have gradually replaced primary batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries(Ni-Cd), nickel-metal hydride batteries(Ni-MH), and lead-acid batteries.

In addition, because of the higher energy density, functional density and longer service life of lithium battery, lithium battery is gradually used as a power supply or as an energy storage device (system) in many subdivisions.

In the global trend of mobility and electrification, the application of lithium batteries will become more and more widespread.

As a pioneer in the LEV field, Tritek has been devoted to the lithium battery industry since year 2008 and can provide you with professional LEV lithium battery solutions.


Chapter 1 PACK structure composition

Lithium battery application classification

The application classification of lithium batteries is not strictly defined, and can only be roughly classified according to its different applications, so that we can understand the lithium battery.

1. Civil digital: mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs

2. Industrial: power tools, security products

3. Medical instruments: electric toothbrush, electric mask

smart rechargeable mask battery
smart rechargeable mask battery

Tritek had customized smart rechargeable mask battery for the Air-Purifier mask before.

4. Power:

Heavy power: electric mining trucks, electric ships

Conventional power: electric cars, electric buses, electric logistics vehicles

Light power: electric two-wheeler, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, electric forklifts, electric sightseeing cars, electric golf carts, etc.

Tritek, as a specialized lithium-ion battery producer, can provide different battery packs for installation in various drive systems such as electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric mopeds, electrical cargo bikes, golf carts, wheelchairs, etc.

Energy storage: portable energy storage, home energy storage, energy storage base station, UPS, industrial and commercial energy storage, energy storage power station

Basic structure of electric two-wheeler lithium battery PACK

The main hardware components of two-wheeler lithium battery PACK include: fire-proof shell, LED display (just used in parts of battery packs), smart BMS, cells, cell holder, sealing ring, cell busbar, connectors and cables, and charger.

Learn more about battery PACK structure.

Below are some pictures about the basic structure of electric two-wheeler lithium battery PACK:

basic structure of electric two wheeler lithium battery pack 1
basic structure of electric two wheeler lithium battery pack 2
basic structure of electric two wheeler lithium battery pack 3

At present, Tritek can provide a full range of solutions for LEV batteries and accessories, including customized battery pack, OEM for motor drives, controllers, central control systems, etc. At the same time, Tritek has a complete supply chain for the critical e-bike parts, such as HMI, cables, etc.

Chapter 2 Electric vehicle battery

2.1 Electric vehicle battery

Below is battery box of electric car:

electric vehicle battery

Below is PDU(Power Distribution Unit) of electric car:

pdupower distribution unit of electric car

Below is connection diagram of battery pack:

connection diagram of battery pack 1
connection diagram of battery pack 2
topology of vehicle control system

Chapter 3 Portable energy storage battery

3.1 Portable energy storage battery

Portable energy storage power refers to small energy storage devices with built-in lithium-ion batteries. In recent years, portable energy storage power is often used to replace traditional small oil-fired generators, which can also be called “outdoor power”.

Tritek also produce portable storage battery with various AC output.

portable energy storage battery
description of each function of the mainboard
city power voltage input
25.6v 12.8v

Chapter 4 Home energy storage battery 

The home energy storage system can be understood as a group of large batteries that store electric energy for the home. The energy storage system is usually used to achieve energy time-shift and electricity charge management by peak-load shifting, so as to save electricity charges. In addition, in remote areas and areas with high frequency of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, home energy storage systems can be used as emergency power sources to avoid the inconvenience of frequent power outages caused by disasters or other causes. Previously, lead-acid batteries were mainly used for home energy storage, which had problems such as short life, low charging and discharging efficiency, and environmental pollution. Lithium electrochemical home energy storage system has the advantages of low pollution, long life, and high charging and discharging efficiency.

4.1 Home energy storage battery – wall hanging

home energy storage battery wall hanging
energy storage battery system block diagram

Below is the network topology of the parallel solution:

network topology of the parallel solution

Notes: Master2 (PC) should be detached in actual use to avoid having 2 masters, which does not comply with RS485 communication specification and causes instability.

4.1 Home energy storage battery – All in one machine(AIO)

home energy storage battery all in one machineaio
home energy storage battery all in one machineaio 2
home energy storage battery all in one machineaio 3
home energy storage battery all in one machineaio 3

Chapter 5 Energy storage base station battery

Energy storage base station battery

energy storage base station battery

U is the thickness or height of the server, only for rack servers

1U=4.445 centimeter

2U=4.445*2=8.89 centimeter

3U=4.445*3=13.335 centimeter

4U=4.445*4=17.78 centimeter

inverter equipment

Below is the diagram of base station communication power system:

the diagram of base station communication power system

The base station power supply system mainly consists of AC power supply system and DC power supply system.

AC power supply system: It is composed of one mains supply, one mobile oil machine supply, surge protector, and AC distribution box (with the function of switching between mains supply and oil machine).

DC power supply system: consists of high-frequency switch combined power supply (including AC distribution unit, monitoring module, rectifier module, and DC distribution unit), and two (or one) battery packs.

The operation mode of AC power supply system:

(1) When the main supply is normal, it is powered by the main supply;

(2) After the mains supply failure, when the mobile oil machine does not arrive at the station, the communication equipment in the station is powered by battery discharge;

(3) When the mobile oil machine arrives at the station, is powered by the oil machine after it starts;

(4) After the main supply is restored, it will be powered by the main supply.

The operation mode of DC power supply system:

Full floating charging power supply mode of constant voltage charging online.

(1) When the AC power supply is normal, the rectifier and the battery are charged in parallel with the floating power supply (the rectifier charges the communication equipment on the one hand, and charges the battery on the other hand, in order to supplement the power lost due to self-discharge);

(2) When the AC power supply is interrupted, the battery alone supplies power to the communication equipment;

  • When the AC power supply recovers, the monitoring module of the switching power supply automatically starts the rectifier to supply power to the communication load and charge the battery. The battery bank serves as a backup power source and can absorb high-frequency ripple current.

5.1 Energy storage base station battery – Base station photovoltaic application

base station photovoltaic application
base station wind solar complementary system

5.1 Energy storage base station battery – Solar energy storage application

solar panel connection diagram

Whatever type of battery you choose, it’s important to make sure it’s compatible with your product. Be sure to consult a well-qualified technician to find the best option for you. Our Tritek experts are eager to help you with your battery needs.

Tritek is a professional e-bike battery OEM/ODM with over 12 years of experience. We design and manufacture complete smart lithium-ion battery packs for light electric vehicles(LEV), including smart BMS and batteries.

This article is brought to you by the R&D director at Tritek. If you are interested in learning more about us, please feel free to CONTACT US. We hope this article has been helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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